Thursday, May 25, 2006

a The abstract structure of data is independent of the computer system in which it is stored.
b The storage of data as a magnetic pattern on a disk is an example of the physical structure of stored data.
c The Boolean data structure could be represented as one bit within a computer system.
d Data of the same type can be represented as an array.
e Related data with different data types may be represented by a record.
f Each element within an array may be individually accessed by using a(n) index.
g A character is the smallest unit of data normally used by a person.
h A file in which data items must be accessed in order is known as a sequential file.
i A floating point number is often represented by two parts: a mantissa and an exponent.
j A string can be pictured as a one-dimensional array of characters.
k Each individual data item within a record is known as a field.
2 A simple data type contains one data item per identifier. The most common of these types are Boolean, integer, real numbers, character and string. Two other special simple data types are date and currency. When related data items are to be stored, we use a structured data type. The simplest of these data types are the array and the record. Arrays contain related data items of the same data type, and records contain related data items which may be of a different data type.
Integer 18537
a real number
b date
c string
d real number
e array of real numbers
f Boolean
g integer
h record


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