Wednesday, April 05, 2006

sd chapter 3


  • The system will allow new customer details to be added, existing ones to be edited and cancelling customers to be replaced.
  • The system will aloow tours to be sorted on customer name, tour date, destination and seat allocation
  • Once tour is completed, the customer records will be stored in an archive file for the calendar year in which the tour occurred.
  • Family details will be able to be automatically duplicated for members of the same family
  • The system will be able to produce reports, including passenger lists for the drivers, and tour and customer details from archived files.
  • The system will be able to manage 500 tours within a 12 month period
  • The software will be able to communicate with the accounting procedures in use

Photograph album thingo

  • Pictures are easy to find
  • Easy to send to others
  • Easy to duplicate
  • Will not deteriorate
Janine: looks after the booking system, creates passenger lists, and does bookkeeping
Marie and Angus: drivers.
Inputs: Name, address, phone number, emergency contact details.
coaches all fitted with seats from 1-45, and the company assigns a 4 digit number to each of the tours.
drivers passenger lists contain seat number, passenger number and emergency contact number.

Photos are stored in binders, with 3 a page
Multiple binders
All on photographic paper, normal size


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