Wednesday, April 05, 2006

problem, specification of a problem
then understand better if you now whats going to come, and where they are going, specify slowly - spicification

srs - software requirements specification, big document of stuff for the project

arriving at a specification
decide what new features are going to included in next release, using feedback
design, then codeage

analyze the problem - how are we going to solve the problem, how the modules work, connect
ie. interface with vb, and data thingy with oracle, then connect

once you have implemented the program, you hgo into the testing phase, and "put the program throught its phases"
big companies have a pre-release, so many millions of testers instead of 50, ei. beta, and incorporate feedback in the loop
expanding pool of people testing

alpha imp[lies internal test, not to external organizations
then beta goes to a small number of external companies, once the feedback works the program into something decent, then slowly expands the number of testers to those with less technical knowledge, blah blah blah

evaluate specifications, to a modular level

traditional sotware thing doesnt begin testing until all code is complete, whears with modular thingo as the code is completed, the code is tested so when the code is complete to 90%, code is 90% tested

human orientated programming
more concern about how to produce hgood software, or how humans intereact with software, notr just the computer itslef
people intersted in interaction between software and humans

concerns objects and their behaviour in realation to other opjects
divide the prog into pieces, and solbve each piece or implement each piece
isolate objects, and implement in a specific way, so can use over and over again

oop conbines behavior and attributes into an object
if you have an object that is a phone number, it should be able to tell you what its number is, whos number it is, etc etc
create architecture, define functionality, imbue functinality, create programe but misixcng them togerther

when a ball bounces, change the attributes so it bounces somewhere else


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