Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Pe Assignment

Problems Kim may be facing

She cannot speak/understand English very well. This could lead to her peers getting frustrated at the amount of time it takes to communicate a small point to her.

She is being ignored/left out. This would be because she is someone who is different, and also because it is hard to communicate with her.

-A solution to these two problems would be for Kim to make friends with someone who speaks her language. They could easily communicate in one language, while Kim gradually makes progress into learning English. She could also go to ESL classes, to help her learn English faster.

Kim is being bullied, simply because she is new.
-She should tell someone about it, like a teacher, or her siblings, as they may be facing the same problem.

Kim is getting lost while travelling to and from school. As a result, she is getting to school late, and missing out on work in class.

-Kim could talk to the neighbours, and find a student in her school who lives close by. This way, she would have someone to talk to, on her way to and from school.

Her parents are shouting at her, and hitting her. This is because they are going through a rough period, and are easily angered.

-Kim could talk to her parents about their problems over dinner, when tension is not as high. This way, the family shares the problems, and can help each other solve them.

-Kim and her family would not be able to speak English fluently, having come from a non English speaking country. To overcome this, they could go to a community group where they speak their native language.

-Kim and her family may not feel comfortable with the difference in cultures from their origin country, and Australia. If there are any families of their culture in their street/area, they could have a social gathering, and become accustomed to the way of life in Australia. Australians are generally very tolerant of other cultures, so this should not be too big of a problem.

Barriers to getting support and how she can overcome them:
* Doesn’t know who to talk to: She should think about who would be the best to talk to and remember that there is always someone she can talk to. Eg. Year Advisor at school, or even a teacher Kim is comfortable talking to.
* Racism: Try to talk to someone of the same race/background, to avoid this. As Kim is not fluent in English, it is harder to stand up to the offender in a language that you are not good at.
* Fear of consequences: Talk to someone that she knows won’t tell anyone else, unless required by law. She could also be afraid of backlash, that bullies might find out she’s reported them

Support available to Kim:

* School teachers
* Year advisor
* Counsellor
* Parents or siblings
* Relatives
* Family friends
* Someone in community that is of the same background or speaks the same language.
* The Kids Help Line: 1800 55 1800. This is a free, anonymous and 24 hour counseling service for children between five and eighteen years of age.

Character Count: 3029
Word Count: 532


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