Sunday, April 02, 2006

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Somewhere in France

To the family,

I sure am glad to be out of the trenches. The conditions there were horrible. We were all cramped in like sardines, and everyone and everything smelt like month old socks. The reason I'm out of there, and here in this nice hospital is because I have been diagnosed with something called "Trench Fever". I am not too sure what exactly it is, but it definitely is not fatal.

This trench fever means that I can barely move, as the pains in my legs and back are too debilitating. And then there is the fever. It makes you feel so hot and uncomfortable, I could hardly sleep. Sometimes, I just wish I never signed up for this, what with all the violence and pointless death. Being sick out here, on the battlefield, is completely different from being sick back home in Sydney. The conditions are much worse, and of course, they cant treat as well. I mean, the doctors did not even know what I was sick with until the third time I got the pains in my leg.


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