Friday, March 17, 2006

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Project Description
This project is about keyboards, and how they work. This presentation will be on Microsoft Powerpoint, and this report is written and editted in Microsoft Word. Adobe Photoshop was also used for the background in the presentation.

IPO Chart

Input: Text from keyboards, clicks from mouse
Processes: Formatting of text in both word and powerpoint. Used brushes and filters in Photoshop, to create background.
Output: Final report on paper, presentation saved on school network.

Project Log
1st March
Started researching for presentation, had a look on

5th March
Started seriously researching, looked through, did some background research on the dvorak layout and forgot all about the actual project. I must keep on task in the future.

8th March

Researched gantt chart, googled and downloaded ganttproject 2.0. I had a fiddle with it for about 5 min, then went to wikipedia and read most of the keyboard related articles. should start presentation soon, due this time next week.

11th March

Decided to work on and hopefully finish the presentation today. All was fine and good, until I attempted to backup. Hit ctrl + s, and suddenly the computer restarted. This has happened before, but only when playing ultra resource hogging games. Tried to do presentation again. Crash and restarted. Gave up on powerpoint, decided to do a gantt chart in excel. I managed to get a graph that looked kinda like a gantt chart. I leant back from the keyboard for a sec, and the computer crashed AGAIN. I was very annoyed at that stage, decided to let the computer rest overnight.

12th March

This was a bad day. I tried to do a different project first, tried to start typing it up in ms word, it crashed as soon as it loaded. Rebooted. Decided to print something off from, but computer crashed as soon as the print command thing was sent. Was confused. Decided to try word again. Crashed. Tried powerpoint. Crashed. Gave up, and decided to try and do it monday morning. Very panicky at this stage

13th March
Got up extra early to try and do the powerpoint at school. managed to do half of it. asked ms. chen for an extension, as i could only do it at school. got one, then off to the library to do some more.

14th March
Almost completed powerpoint in class today, will not be able to finish by wednesday. Maybe thursday.

15th March.

Did some more work in the morning, fixing up powerpoint. was not able to work in class, had to pay attention to presntations.

16th March.

Added a background to presentaion, completely finished. decided to compress some of the points in the powerpoint, and copy the excess to word for my accompanying speech. got some more pictures also. bell rang, and i went to print off the speech when word suddenly froze. started panicking, as the word document hadnt been saved yet, and most of my points were on it. quickly saved powerpoint, although in hindsight i should have just left it and lost my lunches work, instead of a couple of days work. Unable to access powerpoint from home, so unable to work out a rough speech. ill see if i can do it before sd tomorrow.

17th March

Decided not to have a speech, but to rather do it ad lib. I am sure i can remember most of what i researched.

Documentation of backup procedures
I attempted to backup my powerpoint, however the computer crashed before the file was saved, resulting in the loss of data. I should have been able to autorecover, although this did not occur. The reason for this is that I finished the first draft of my presentation in under the thirty minute mark, when autorecover first saves. If I had been able to save however, I would also have copied the file to memory stick, saved it at school, and also emailed it to myself.


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