Wednesday, March 15, 2006

ag draft, published after final is finalised

The Goals of this Development Plan
The goals of my development plan are:
To increase the aesthetic appeal of the development area and introduce a pleasant smell into the area.
Increasing privacy in and around the development area
Reducing the work required to look after the garden (easy care)

Climatic Conditions around the Development area
The garden faces towards the southwest, while winds around the garden do vary as they begin to pick up speed as autumn starts and then turning into heavy winds that occur every week or so in winter. As the weather becomes warmer, the winds do tend to die out although during summer a few mild breezes may blow. *Temperatures do vary and the monthly minimum and maximum temperatures can also vary depending on the season. In summer the area experiences a monthly maximum and a minium of respectively of 21 °C and 18°C. In winter temperatures can peak at a maximum of 18°C and a minimum of 13°C.

*Please note that this information may have changed due to increase in temperatures due to human interference i.e. global warming and urban heating.

Special conditions within the Garden
The position of the garden does give the plants an advantage over other plants. The development area is a balcony which is located on the topmost floor. This allows more sunlight to reach any plants that maybe located on the development area, benefiting the plants’ growth and nutrient intake.

How the plan will achieve its goals
The garden development plan will achieve its goals by:
Purchasing tall, large plants that will provide privacy
Purchasing plants that are easy to care for and creating a system that does not require much maintenance or care.
The purchase of plants that will enhance the aesthetic appeal of the development area.
The purchase of plants that will introduce a new pleasant smell into the development area.

Problems that maybe Encountered
Problems will be encountered as the development plan is implemented so that the 3 goals may be achieved. Those problems are:
Cost i.e. size of the budget
Climatic conditions of the plants and the area

Solutions to the Problems
The problems mentioned above can easily solved by:
Selecting plants and materials that are effective in achieving the 3 goals but are relatively inexpensive.
Spacing can be overcome by buying plants that do not require large pots but have provided a reasonable amount of coverage and shade.
The appearance problem can be rectified by purchasing good looking plants that also fulfil the goals that have been set.
To solve the climatic conditions problem hardy and adaptable plants as well as plants suitable to the climate of the garden development area must be found and purchased.

The Landscaping
Landscaping is not an available option for the garden development area as it is too small and, landscaping would hardly have any impact on the aesthetic appeal of the development area. Also no landscaping changes are required in my plan.

Choice of Plants and why they were chosen
The following plants were chosen:
Golden Cane Palm
Mock Orange

They were chosen because:
The Golden Cane Palm was tall, able to provide shade and was suitable for increasing the privacy of the development area.
The Clivia plant was chosen for the same reason as the Golden Cane palm although it was smaller. It is also affordable.
Totem was very appealing and would probably be able to increase the aesthetic appeal of the development area.
The Cumquat was selected because the fruit combined with the plant itself was deemed to be able to contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the garden.
Mock Orange was chosen because of the scent that it had. This could introduce the pleasant smell that was wanted in the goals.

All of these plants are affordable and are easy to incorporate into the garden development area.

The budget will be approximately $300. The prices of the plants that were selected are listed below:

Name of Plant
Golden Cane Palm
Mock Orange

Bunning’s Warehouse-provided the species of the plants and their price.


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