Thursday, March 23, 2006

1 Describe the range of product reports available on the
>> Appliances >> Home entertainment >>
Photography >> Heating/Cooling >> Phones >> Personal care >> Everyday >> Outdoor

>> Bedding/furniture >> Every Day >> Transport >> Health & safety >> Feeding >> Baby Archive

2 What are the current consumer product alerts?
CHOICE is warning consumers they might not get what they pay for when they buy glucosamine supplements, a popular treatment for osteoarthritis. CHOICE’s tests of 10 leading brands found many don’t contain what they claim on the label.

Also, Dummy Danger: "We've had three reports about the potential choking hazard of the NUK Starlight Silicone Soother"

3 Draw a mindmap showing the range of campaigns that
the ACA is currently involved in.

4 Make a list of the other consumer services provided by
CHOICE magazine and the ACA.


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