Friday, February 24, 2006

commerce work

The purpose of is to inform consumers of scams, so they dont fall for them.

A scam is a "confidence trick" where the scammer employs various methods to relieve the victim of their money. Eg. Nigerian letter scam, amazing offer scam, investment scam, door to door scam, internet scam and medical scams.

Scammers will send you free goods, 'winning tickets' or invitations to entice you to go along with a scam. You might be asked to pay a joining fee or to buy something to 'win' a prize or some other benefit, or call a telephone or facsimile number. Some scams use the postal system to sell products or get money by offering something that will never arrive

To report a scam, go to or phone the Department of Fair Trading at 13 32 20


Title: False bank sites

Lately, people have been sending emails with a link to a site that looks suprisingly similar to the real site. This is called spoofing. Do not enter your details, as they will steal your passwords, and hence, your money.

Don't fall for it. Banks never send emails to their users.

Use Firefox with spoofstick, this will help to prevent spoofing.

Always use a firewall such as Zonealarm, and use a virus scanner.

Cheers, Milo.


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